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Подшипник для скейтборда MOC 9 AIRRR (OUST)

Подшипник MOC 9 AIRRR

Подшипник для скейтборда MOC 9 AIRRR

Технические характеристики

Обозначение : MOC 9 AIRRR

Размеры, мм : 8x22x7

Производитель : OUST

Внутренний диаметр, мм : 8

Наружный диаметр, мм : 22

Высота, мм : 7

Описание из каталога производителя :

Speed and cleanliness have always been two major issues in the Manufacturing process. The Moc 9 Airrr... addresses both issues. Manufactured with the highest quality USA made balls, finer polished raceways and a seal system that is different from all other methods of bearing seals in the bearing industry at the present time.

The Moc 9 Buna Non-Contact Seal is set into a U-channel design in the outer race and a stop on the inner race to keep all foreign particles out of the ball area. It also stops any oil leakage that might occur on a standard bearing seal. The Moc 9 design changes put the Airide a step ahead of all other bearings.

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